You Sleigh Me Holiday Soiree & Sample Sale

Won’t you join us?  Drinks. Naughtiness. Designer Duds.

Dollparts will be selling a mix of discounted samples, vintage inventory and will be taking pre-orders on Spring ’14!  Drink, dance, mingle, shop!  Hope to see you there!

Found in Reverie Inspiration

Oh hi!

I have some more new pieces to show from my Spring ’14 collection – “Found in Reverie“.  This collection was inspired by a mix of ideas.  My first inspiration was vintage lingerie, which is why I chose a lot of sheer, flowy fabrics and lace detail.  My inspiration then transitioned into dreaming.  And then lucid dreaming.  And then a dream of aimlessly wandering through a beautiful and peaceful floral garden.  After taking a few seasons off from designing for a number of stressful reasons, I chose to design a collection that elated thoughts of contentment, calmness and growth.  The right tone of music is a must for designing properly, so I ended up listening to a lot of “dreamy” type artists including the “Lost in Translation” soundtrack, Julia Holter, Brian Eno, Bibio, Tame Impala… among many others.  I also watched the movie “Zazie dans le Metro” a countless amount of times, which isn’t directly related, but got me thinking a lot about surrealism and how I want incorporate surrealism into clothing (while still making it wearable).  This will always be a future goal in mind…I have a long ways to go.  The collection was photographed in the work/live loft where my clothing line was essentially born…a place my friends and I call Kilimanjaro.  I rented a corner as a workspace for about 3 years, then moved in for a few months.  The loft is full of never-ending rooms, surprises and mysteries.  This collection is full of pieces that encourage layering, which makes each piece super versatile (and surprising and mysterious).  As always, each garment is made with love and care, ethically in Chicago.  I hope you enjoy!

Dahlia Dress – Styled with Clover Bralette and Legs High Waisted Shorts

Sweet Pea Overlay, Clover Bralette, Legs High Waisted Shorts

Protea Keyhole Dress

Sweet Pea Overlay, Clover Bralette, Legs High Waisted Shorts

Pansy Bed Jacket, Clover Bralette, Legs High Waisted Shorts


<3 <3 <3

Found in Reverie Spring 2014 Collection

Found in Reverie, the Dollparts Design Spring 2014 Collection is now available for pre-order!  We’ll be releasing a few new pieces each week throughout the month of December.   Any pre-orders placed now through January 31st will deliver by March 15th.  Wholesale inquiries, please contact Michelle Dimitris:

Daisy House Dress


Lotus Tank in Bright Floral, Gardenia Skirt in Black Stripe

Sweet Pea Overlay in French Blue

Lotus Tank in White Rib, Gardenia Skirt in Green Floral

Camellia Bustier Dress in Black Stripe (Bowie not for sale)


Photography: Jeff DeLaCruz, Model: Faith Lee, Hair/Make-up: Amanda Martinico, Stylist Assistant: Annisa Davila, Photograher Assistant: Devina Yoestong




Found in Reverie

Hello everybody!

I have some exciting news!  I will be showing my Spring 2014 collection, “Found in Reverie” on October 20th.  Come celebrate!

What:  “Found in Reverie” – debut of the Dollparts Design Spring 2014 Collection

When: Sunday, October 20th: 6p – 10p (Runway show @ 7:30p)

Where: Elastic Arts Foundation: 2830 N Milwaukee Ave, 2nd Fl, Chicago

Admission: $15 – Includes runway show, live music by Sewing Pattern, an exquisite corpse mural celebrating Elastic’s 15th anniversary and refreshments

Click here to see the FB invite

<3, Michelle

Fashion Photography

Hello all!

I recently collaborated with Jeff DeLaCruz (photography), Angela Flatland (model) and Chelsea Blair (hair and make-up) on a super fun photoshoot.

We did some experimenting with lighting, color, background and explored an industrial city parking lot. I mixed my designs with some vintage for all three end of summer/ back to school looks.

Dollparts Design Lisianthus Cropped Tank, Vintage Tarazzia Pleated Floral Skirt

Vintage Sophisticated Petites by Jonathan Martin Gold Silk Tank (purchased from Una Mae’s), Vintage CLIO 2 Suit Business Blazer, Dollparts Design Legs High-Waisted Shorts, Vintage Silk Scarf

Dollparts Design Sweet Pea Overlay, American Apparel Skirt


I had this weird list of things to do tonight, or I guess I would call it a “Gemini List” because it is completely scattered. (In no particular order of course)

1. design some clothes

2. do the dishes

3. write a blog post about my gold boots

4. practice piano

5. respond to some emails

6. research models

7. watch arrested development

8. listen to music

9.  freelance work

10. design some other clothes

11. make a skirt for myself

I ended up practicing a lot of piano.  I am learning “Do-Re-Mi” from “The Sound of Music” so it’s hard to stay away.  How excited do you think my neighbors are of my musical accomplishments?  (Sometimes/all the time, I play my keyboard on full volume.)  I knocked a few other things off the list too, but unfortunately not everything. In order to focus (or maybe out of laziness because of where my computer charger was already plugged in) I set up this new little desk area.

Oh yeah, so gold boots!  My darling roommate’s 30th birthday happened recently so we celebrated with a “Halfway to the Golden Years” theme party complete with portraits of Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia and Rose.  Everyone was supposed to wear a touch of gold.  I mean, really, any excuse to wear my gold boots….




Love, Michelle

The Creative Process

So I work from my home most days, which I know most people think is a dream come true… I do love the ability to manage my schedule, drink my morning coffee, work into the night, etc, but sometimes it also gets super lonely.  There have been an instance or two (or every day) that I have gone to the grocery store just to have some human interaction (yeah I’m pretty sure the staff at Dominick’s knows me by name at this point).  I love listening to music, but recently I have realized podcasts are a wonderful way to stayed zoned into my work as well as fulfilling the feeling of someone talking to me.

My three favorite podcasts include Radiolab, This American Life and TED Talks.  One of many inspirational TED conferences I have listened to lately is called “The Creative Process“.  Working in a creative field, I felt especially connected to what the speakers were saying and certain points reminded me of conversations my friends and I have had while discussing how we create music, photography, clothing, stories…

Speakers include Billy Collins, Elizabeth Gilbert and Abigail Washburn.  Click here to listen to “The Creative Process”.  Enjoy!

What is your creative process?

Vintage Inspired Floral Mini Cocktail Skirt

Happy Friday everyone! I have been working on a few summer designs to release while working on my Pitchfork collection.  I just finished this cute ‘n flirty number, the Floral Mini Cocktail Skirt.

I found a vintage skirt in a thrift store years ago and wear it all the time (probably a little too much).  With a combination of desire to wear more skirts just like it and fear that it will soon be nothing more than a pile of thread,  I thought it would be fun to recreate a similar style.

I purchased this fabric a few years back from a designer that is no longer in business and thought this was the perfect opportunity to make use of it.  It is a cotton sateen, which is 100% cotton, and has a very smooth texture.  The over-sized flower print reminds me of skirts I saw Marcia Brady wearing.

This skirt is designed to wear at the natural waist and includes gathering in the front and elastic in the back for comfort and easy fit.  There is a side button closure (complete with a vintage button) and opens like a wrap skirt to make getting dressed even more fun.

Oh and there are pockets of course!

There’s only a limited amount in stock!  Available in size XS-L.  Click here to purchase.

Pitchfork 2013

Happy (almost) summer!  Did everyone have a nice long weekend? Mine involved some work, some relaxing and an Arrested Development themed dinner and viewing party.

The start to my weekend, however, was the most exciting.  I received an acceptance email to be a vendor at Pitchfork this summer!  My goal is sell something to Björk.  That’s achievable, right?  I am working on a special Pitchfork collection that will be released the first day of the festival, July 19th.  The collection will include shorts, tanks, skirts, dresses and a few accessories.  Stop by and say hello!

Spring Fever.

 Happy Spring (even though it happens to be 17 degrees today in Chicago)!   I know I’m ready for the warm weather!  Can’t wait to ride my bike, go to farmers markets, pick fresh flowers and picnic with friends!

What are you most excited about for Spring?